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With the planet showing major signs of mortality due to the alarming state of CO₂ levels spiraling out of control, the time is now to pull our heads and resources together to change its trajectory. Over 40% of this CO₂ pollution is caused by fossil coal. The world is currently burning over 7.5 Billion tons of fossil coal per year. This method is outdated and destroying our world. It is 2022, and we at e3coal feel it is time for us to act our technological age.

In 1965, e3coal co-founder, Bernd Sieverts, became intimately immersed in the “green lungs” of the earth when he moved to Indonesia to embark on his first business venture, rattan harvesting and furniture making. He witnessed firsthand; untouched nature, pulsating rainforests, flowing rivers, the sea’s radiant coral reefs with endless colors of biodiversity.

The Indonesian islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Celebes make up what is known as "The Green Diamond." Monsoon season would come and go like clockwork, you could literally mark your calendar. . . . But not anymore. (CO₂ concentration level is peaking parabolically, like a hockey stick in the past 80 years) The monsoons began to falter and become more and more irregular and unpredictable.

The green lungs can no longer absorb this as they are being destroyed more and more, leading to the collapse of our climate. The poles are melting; the water level is rising; permafrost is melting and releasing methane, drought, fires, floods . . . the list is long. 


Fortunately, there exists the technology to usurp this archaic and detrimental energy source; “green” energy! Our contribution is a substitute for fossil coal; a renewable, clean and CO₂ neutral coal made from biomass. Produced from wood waste in saw mills, residual wood; with our main focus on agricultural waste. Collecting waste, useless feedstock, and converting these vast quantities from agricultural production into clean coal to satisfy the ever increasing demand for “green” electricity.

CO2 levels 800,000 years

We offer a one-stop shop solution; by teaming up with CDS Group based in the UK, we are able to set up machinery on location at the source, to avoid transportation costs and deterioration of the waste product, saving by with CDS Group we developed a way of process that brought us the desired product – the e3coal process. During this heat process water and gases are evaporating. These gases are reused in the process. Therefore the technology is very energy efficient and CO₂ footprint is miniscule.  


• The product has nearly 30% higher Calorific Value

• You can use nearly all agricultural waste 

• A product which is hydrophobic (water resistant)

• You can use it in private house holds for heating as well in the huge coal power plants

for co-firing, both section enabling them to lower the C0₂ emission

• The so treated biomass leads to improved grindability of biomass which leads to more efficient co-firing.

• Because of the low moisture it leads to nearly smokeless burning.


We call this product “Green Coal” and our approach is to have a big impact on the use of fossil coal in the nearby future and therefore this world a better place for our children and children children’s. 



- Bernd Sieverts - e3coal Co-founder

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Meet The Team

Tom Sieverts CEO

Tom Sieverts


Has a proven track record in launching and managing a high-tech wood processing plant in Germany (using thermally modified timber - Vacu³ technology).

Bernd Sieverts

Bernd Sieverts

CTO Hamburg

German engineer and entrepreneur with 40 years of international experience in setup and operations of wood processing and furniture plants in emerging markets (South East Asia incl. Indonesia)

The management team is based in Hamburg, Germany

Vadim Botchkarev

Vadim Botchkarev

Financial Strategist

Experienced investment banking and VC with business structuring and fundraising experience.

Pavel Volichenko

Pavel Volichenko

Investments, Capital Raising

Chris Stone

Chris Stone

U.S. Representative

Experienced venture capital professional with focus on international partnerships and M&A.

Based in San Francisco, CA (USA)